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Containerization & Cloud Solutions

Digital Transformation with Containers

Successful digital transformation using DevOps, microservices and multi-cloud platforms requires new tech. We're recognized experts in bringing modern tools by Docker, HashiCorp, Amazon Web Services, and Kubernetes to government agencies. 


Containerization on the Cloud for Federal IT

Nowadays, the latest catch-phrase usually resembles "we need to get to the cloud".  Most agencies lack a cohesive and well thought out approach to Modernization of Traditional Applications into a Cloud Infrastructure.  Our answer?  Docker Containers.


Excidion believes in challenging the status quo in the way Federal Agencies approach Cloud Migration.  There is a better way to deliver development and operations - serviced by a world-class consultancy that employs an Automated DevOps, Container-based, and Open Source-First Approach to constructing and executing a viable Cloud Strategy.

Containers allow organizations to innovate quickly, enabling application release and updates more frequently than ever before.

We leverage container technology and cloud computing to reduce costs, increase time to market, and improve availability, reliability and security.  Excidion proudly maintains a Innovation Center of Excellence that is focused on driving best practices and innovation in our projects and across industry.


To help you with container and container platform adoption, we provide a number of Docker and Kubernetes services including advisory consulting. Let us help bootstrap delivery of Cotainer pipelines with industry best practices and expertise gained across multiple production deployments.

Capabilities & Areas of Expertise

Docker Consulting Services

Build. Manage. Secure. Deploy. Anywhere.

DevOps Toolchain & Pipelines

Continuous Pipelines that supercharge Agile Delivery

Docker containers enable the rapid development of applications and Kubernetes delivers those applications at high velocity.

We build and tune high-performance, enterprise-grade container platforms and can containerize most applications to support rapid and continuous application development and deployment.

To help you with container and container platform adoption, we provide a number of Docker and Kubernetes services including advisory consulting. Let us help bootstrap delivery of Container pipelines with industry best practices and expertise gained across multiple production deployments.

Our services include:

Docker Container Strategy

Container Readiness Assessments

Cluster Build out using Docker Swarm or Kubernetes

Excidion has deep experience in the tools and processes associated with the creation and management of DevOps Toolchains and Continuous Delivery Pipelines. Our team has deployed many environments to support high-velocity application development and feature release, creating the backbone of the modern IT supply chain.

To support DevOps initiatives we develop strategies and provide services to build reimagined pipelines of chained tools, including Git/Bitbucket, JIRA, Bamboo Jenkins, Cucumber, SonarQube and Ansible resulting in an integrated toolchain that enable automated build, test, delivery, and deployment. With the click of a button code is buil, tested and deployed in a matter of seconds so Development Teams can focus on what's really important: building a great product.

​Our services include:

Continuous Pipeline Strategy
CI/CD Tooling & Pipelines Implementation

End-to-End DevOps Managed Services


Cloud Adoption

Application Modernization

Accelerate Cloud Adoption with experts that know the ropes.

Excidion is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner with a team fluent in Google Cloud that can help address the challenges of adopting the cloud. By using these new tools, developers and operations can meet the needs of business demands.

Through the use of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and HashiCorp tools, the enterprise can leverage the elastic scalability of cloud infrastructure and services and optimize costs.


Excidion provides specialized technical services to adopt this new approach in  managing resources, shifting provisioning from static to on-demand with high levels of automation.



Our services include:

Cloud Adoption Strategy

Cloud Architecture & Implementation

Cloud Infrastructure Support & Automation Services


Keep with the changing times by modernizing your applications and make them cloud-ready

The majority of IT spending is used to support and maintain existing applications. Such applications and services are typically core assets providing revenue generation and business capabilities.

Over time, operational costs increase as deviations in the technology architecture emerge with build up of technical debt.  As a result, the business is required to meet shifting demands so new apps must be created and existing applications must be modernized. Our experts migrate workloads to the cloud, containerize, and identify re-factoring and re-engineering candidates to moderinize your services catalog.

We'll help you determine what components of your existing application stacks can be given cloud-native characteristics, integrate them with modern connectivity and security tools, and automate deployments on cloud infrastructure.

Our services include:

Application Modernization Strategies

Microservices Architecture

Docker Modernizing Traditional Applications

Application Containerization Strategy

Application Migrations: Cloud & Containers

Recent Project

U.S. Customs & Border Protection

Container & Cloud Architecture for Cargo Systems Program Directorate (CSPD)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is the world’s largest law enforcement organization that is responsible for safeguarding borders from threats, while facilitating lawful trade and travel.  Within, CBP, Cargo Systems Program Directorate (CSPD) maintains systems supporting government agencies and trade community for importation, exportation, and control of merchandise shipments.


Excidion is a prime contractor supporting Cargo Systems Program Directorate (CSPD) at US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) which has an extremely large system processing millions of transactions each day across dozens of applications.  Our team is leading the effort to establish and execute strategy/framework for migrating the current CBP architecture to a service-oriented, containerized, cloud-ready architecture. 


Excidion architects and engineers also spearheaded the institution of DevOps & Continuous Integration across 15 agile teams. Using cutting-edge tools and frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Docker and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Excidion team members helped increase efficiency and productivity across the organization.



At Excidion, we are committed to transforming the way government agencies conduct business via a blend of innovative solutions to maximize performance.


- Jay Kalavapudi, Principal & Vice-President, Excidion


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