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Leading-Edge Agile Services

User-focused Agile Delivery

Historical data reveals that an alarming number of government technology projects took longer than expected, ran over budget and failed to meet requirements. At Excidion, we bring a different approach to agile solutions and digital transformation.  Driving Innovation and value is at the core of our mission.  Our philosophy is user-focused, and our process is collaborative from end-to-end. Our clients experience simple and innovative solutions that improve customer engagement, on time and on budget.

Driving Digital Innovation for Federal Goverment

At Excidion, we drive innovation and industry best practices to transform and improve the way our Federal government leverages IT.  Our flexible agile processes are adapted to the unique needs and strategic goals of each customer.  Central to our agile philosophy is a User Experience (UX) focus that promotes Human-Centered Design (HCD) principles and close client collaboration in each of our engagements. 


Excidion's technical approach combines industry best practices including CMMI, ISO 9001:2008, Agile, DevOps, and others.  Our team offers deep experience across the software delivery lifecycle and in systems and technologies such as Wordpress, DotNetNuke, SharePoint, Java/J2EE, .NET, and Ruby on Rails.

We leverage container technology and cloud computing to reduce costs, increase time to market, and improve availability, reliability and security.Excidion proudly maintains a Innovation Center of Excellence that is focused on driving best practices and innovation in our projects and across industry.


Additionally, we have also established a Digital Cloud environment that enables our Agile teams to constantly experiment with new tools and techniques, and to prototype both low and high-fidelity solutions and MVPs for our customers.

Capabilities & Areas of Expertise

Agile Software Development

Creative Digital Services

Transformation through Agile.

A fusion of creative design, multimedia, and web technologies to help your company stand out

Adopting Agile practices can be difficult even for small teams. Trying to scale Agile across multiple teams, specialties and geographies introduces an additional level of complexity. Excidion can help identify and break down the barriers to sustained success in organizations of all sizes, whether those barriers are rooted in the company culture or are due to poor cross-organizational coordination and communication.

Sustaining success long-term requires a real commitment to becoming an Agile enterprise. We’ll help create strategic roadmaps to support your transformation and help ensure that your entire organization is aligned behind a shared goal.

Our services include:

Sprint/Increment Planning

Software Development & Implementation

Testing & QA

Configuration Management

Release Management

Technical Writing & Documentation

Marketing is both an art and a science. In the digital economy, it is essential to be able to reach the masses effectively through engaging content and modern delivery methods. We help companies be successful in the digital economy by blending rich content, multimedia and web technologies to create and maintain lasting impressions on their customers. 

The new digital economy requires deep analysis of data and creative design to drive business results. We bring the experience and expertise required in strategy, data, and technology to each of our clients.

​Our services include:

Digital Marketing Strategy
Multimedia Production
(Print, Video, Audio, Web Podcast/Screencast)

Market Research

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

Content & Data Development

Web Development & Content Management Systems (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc.)

Application Architecture & Engineering

Robust Design and Technical Engineering to help your technology stack scale to the sky.

Effective management of system capability is critical for business success and sustenance of competitive advantage. In today's world of rapidly evolving technology systems and standards, it is increasingly challenging to align and integrate IT systems in a way that makes them flexible, predictable and easier to maintain while providing the foundation for organizations to integrate new and existing IT capabilities.

Excidion's Application Architecture & Engineering Services can help you plan and deliver a robust technology architecture that guides custom software implementation and integration of systems to maximize scalability and performance. We infuse new capabilities in business application and system development through our architecture assessment and strategy, systems engineering and DevOps services ensure more predictable and agile IT systems at a lower cost.



Our services include:

Enterprise Architecture & Technology Roadmapping

Application Architecture & Engineering

System/Tool Integration

Data Architecture & Engineering

Data-Driven solutions that enable actionable insights and measurable outcomes.

Implementing soundly engineered solutions in today’s data space is a formidable challenge for any organization. The volumes of data, number of disparate sources, and tooling choices require a new breadth of technical expertise and new approach paradigms. Informed business decisions require data that is readily available and accurate. The key is effectively harnessing the value of that data to create a competitive advantage.

Excidion's experienced team of data engineering consultants can help your agency develop the strategies for turning vast amounts of data into valuable business assets. Our team will work with you to bring all your sources of data together so it is highly secure, available and accessible. Our unique approach to data engineering solves real-world problems connecting systems that are struggling to keep up with high-volume, high-speed transactional data needs. We aim to be your trusted advisor with a collaborative approach that emphasizes a focus on turning operational data into valuable insights.

Our services include:

Data Modeling

Data Architecture & Analysis

Data Visualization, Analytics & Reporting

Recent Project

Consumer Product Safety Commission

International Trade Data System / Risk Assessment Methodology (ITDS/RAM)

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) supports the nation's layered strategy by protecting consumers and families from thousands of products that pose risks of serious injury or death.  Excidion is a prime contractor at CPSC and has modernized the International Trade Data System (ITDS) / Risk Assessment Methodology (RAM) Threat Detection and Risk Mitigation System.  The system consumes and processes data from U.S. Customs to identify potential risk of products at the port of entry.  Prior to Excidion's engagement, CPSC faced the following challenges:

  • Consumes large amounts of entry data from CBP that requires a near real-time and rules-based approach to identifying risks in products

  • Lack of strong system architecture leading to system performance issues

  • Disparate systems that interact closely built on antiquated or outdated technology stacks leading to operations and maintenance issues

  • Immature Agile Software Development and Continuous Integration (CI) processes (i.e. DevOps) and agile software development tools/standards


Our team delivered a solution that facilitates real-time data exchange and 2-way processing with CBP ITDS Systems to ensure timely and efficient Entry review and Cargo inspection.  We also brought cutting-edge cloud/containerization technologies, tools, and agile frameworks for increased efficiency and productivity across ITDS/RAM applications which positions CPSC for scaling their systems in the cloud.



At Excidion, we are committed to transforming the way government agencies conduct business via a blend of innovative solutions to maximize performance.


- Jay Kalavapudi, Principal & Vice-President, Excidion


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