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Strategic Management Consulting

Tranformational Management & Business Process Expertise

Sound management and processes are the nerve center of every major program. From concept to delivery, our simple and effective methodoogy to project execution positions your organization for success.  Our elite team of experienced management consultants brings the strategic roadmap and methodological approach to be the transformational partner your agency can count on.

Your Trusted Federal Partner

More efficiency, less overhead.  This has become the mantra to success in today’s industry.  While industry-recognized project management practices and methodologies are helpful,  many projects are still over budget and vastly inefficient.  In order to fully realize and deliver your organization’s strategic initiatives, it is imperative to drive efficiency into all aspects of your business through strong program management platform and processes.

Excidion believes in keeping our teams lean and agile in order to drive the most efficiency.  Our team is comprised of elite subject matter experts with deep domain experience across a vast array of federal agencies. We understand the balance and interplay between strategic initiatives and operational rhythms in order to ensure successful outcomes. With this balance of strategic and tactical foresight, we are able to support both incremental and transformational change.

Capabilities & Areas of Expertise

Program Management Office

Efficient Solutions to maximize organizational performance

Strategic Planning

Combining People, Process, and Technology to get strategy done right the first time

Excidion’s PMO will help you achieve your business goals by emphasizing the coordination and prioritization of resources across projects, maximizing performance, and minimizing the overall costs and risks of the program.

Our services include:

PMO Definition & Implementation:  A robust, multi-phased approach to the establishment and execution of a solid Program Management Office by incorporating: governance, tracking and development of key metrics, strategic business case development, executive alignment, operational oversight.

Project Management & Integration: Maintaining the “top line” view while ensuring component parts fit together properly to make the intended whole. Optimize performance across the program value chain, functionally and technically.

Continuous Improvement & Analysis: Establishment of process controls to continuously assess performance; research and develop new capabilities; and systemically apply learning and knowledge to the program.

Excidion brings a world-class offering for organizations that need expert consulting to lead a custom approach for strategic planning.  Our team of elite management consultants will help develop a custom approach to define your growth strategy.

​Our services include:

Market Assessments, Competitive, & Industry Analyses:  Explore where the greatest opportunities for growth exist with customized research to gain strategic insights into current and emerging players in your market, industry trends, and market shifts.

Business Case Development and Operational Planning:  Our team engages with your organization to build a holistic business case that provides a framework for the planning, management, and validation of the organizational strategy.


Ongoing Strategic/Operations Management Services:  Add a seasoned practitioner with years of experience in developing and implementing strategy & sustaining operations to your team on a retainer basis.

Business Process Engineering

Transforming your business to become a world-class competitor

Business Process Development can be the key to dramatically improving customer service, cutting operational costs, and transforming your business into a world-class competitor.  


Our consultants leverage cutting-edge technologies to support innovative business processes, and offer a full range of services to optimize the core of your business.

Our services include:

Impact & Gap Analysis:

New Process Design/Development

Process Optimization, Stabilization, and Standarization:

Product Development & Launch

Shaping ideas into reality to grow your market share

One of the most challenging tasks is turning an idea or a concept into a tangible result that becomes a reality. Product Development is more of an art than a science and has parallel paths. One path involves the idea generation, product design, and detail engineering while the other path involves market research and analysis.  Excidion consultants possess deep experience in transforming ideas into products by employing the following product development process:

Our services include:

Idea Generation & Screening

Concept Development & Testing

Beta/Market Testing & Product Pricing

Technical Implementation


Recent Project

Arlington National Cemetery


Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) is the premiere national cemetery to honor the fallen heroes of U.S. militaries.  The ANC Office of the CIO is responsible for overseeing all IT decisions and systems that support cemetery operations.  The agency had a number of challenges:

  • Manual and siloed business processes leading to inefficient operations and delivery timelines

  • Lack of information transparency leading to incongruent communications and multiple standards

  • Business and Technology decisions were not based on data or historical performance

  • Issues and risks undocumented and lack of accountability

Excidion is a trusted advisor and partner to ANC OCIO and was brought on to establish a structured IT Program Management Office. We instituted Change Control Board (CCB) processes to communicate changes and project risks to all ANC directorates with supporting mitigation plans, automated monitoring and discovery of diversions, and customized Data Governance model to manage metadata, changes and communication.

Excidion also established a multi-year Enterprise Architecture Roadmap that highlights key technology investment decisions and execution milestones.  Our innovative approach to data collection and aggregation brought a holistic view of activities across the organization for management and enabled data-driven decisions.

At Excidion, we are committed to transforming the way government agencies conduct business via a blend of innovative solutions to maximize performance.


- Jay Kalavapudi, Principal & Vice-President, Excidion


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